Monday, March 14, 2011

The next Labor leader?

Former Unions NSW boss, John Robertson, entered the NSW Legislative Council in 2008, following the retirement of the former Treasurer, Michael Costa.

Robertson was credited with no small role in bringing about that result, thanks to his performance in and around the 2008 NSW Labor Conference, during which he organised union resistance to the Iemma/Costa plan to sell off electricity assets, and thereafter, when he was reported to have plotted the same pair's execution.

With less than 3 years under his belt in the Upper House, Robertson will, at this election, attempt a move to the Lower House by contesting the seat of Blacktown (margin 22.4% ALP). Speculation has been growing that this move is being made with a view to taking the Labor leadership after the election.

With this in mind, RG dug into the archives to discern the attitude of one of the Labor greats to the prospect:

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