Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another 63 put on grog ban list

David Wood | The NT News | 5 July 2011
MORE than 43,000 people had their IDs scanned when buying alcohol from Friday to Sunday, with 63 added to the new banned drinker register.
From July 1 everyone buying takeaway alcohol in the Territory must have their ID - driver's licence, proof of age card or a passport - scanned. Those on the banned drinkers register cannot buy grog.
Liquor Stores Association of the Northern Territory president Faye Hartley said Friday night was "horrific" in her Stuart Park shop with IDs failing to scan because they were old and faded.
But Ms Hartley said they would give the technology a chance. She said about 40 per cent of customers on Friday were upset and they could not sell alcohol to about 30 people who did not have ID.
Nightcliff Supermarket owner Linford Feick said they had been visited by both police and government inspectors to make sure the system was working and said that it had not caused any major problems.
Territory Alcohol Policy Minister Delia Lawrie said between Friday and 10pm on Sunday night more than 43,000 people had been scanned, with five refused service because they were on the register.
She said 63 new names had already been added to the banned list.
"Extensive work has been undertaken to ensure that the scanning of IDs ran as smoothly as possible," Ms Lawrie said.
There were already 500 people on the register as it was being used in Alice Springs, Katherine and Tennant Creek.
People can be added for various drinking related offences including being locked up for being drunk three times in three months.
Ms Hartley said people were getting irate on Friday, partly because it was cracker night and very busy.
"It was just horrific. There were a lot of people in the shop," she said.
"A lot of the IDs are faded and do not scan properly and we have to enter a person's details manually."
Ms Lawrie said the Government was offering free proof of age cards until September 20.

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