Wednesday, November 9, 2011

AG at Estimates: Mental Health in custody

General Purpose Standing Committee No 4 | Attorney General and Justice | 26 October 2011

Mr DAVID SHOEBRIDGE: Attorney, in the 2011-12 budget do you know the amount allocated to mental health care services for people in New South Wales correctional centres?

Mr GREG SMITH: No, I do not.

Mr DAVID SHOEBRIDGE: Does either Mr Glanville or Mr Woodham know the amount allocated?

Mr WOODHAM: I cannot tell you the exact dollar figure, but I can relate to the programs that we have, which are very expensive and very intense.

Mr DAVID SHOEBRIDGE: Could you give the dollar figure on notice?

Mr WOODHAM: Yes, I can give you that.

Mr DAVID SHOEBRIDGE: Could you include whether any recurrent funding has been allocated for that purpose?

Mr WOODHAM: It is there every year, because large sections of our remand jails are involved with mental health.

Mr DAVID SHOEBRIDGE: Mr Hubby, could I ask you to provide the same figures and details in relation to young people in Juvenile Justice centres?

Mr HUBBY: I will. I would note though that health services in Juvenile Justice centres are generally provided by NSW Health. So some costs are incurred directly by our agency, but some are incurred by NSW Health.

Mr DAVID SHOEBRIDGE: Could you give the NSW Health figures to the extent they are available to you?

Mr HUBBY: I will take that on notice.

Mr DAVID SHOEBRIDGE: Mr Woodham, could you give the same figures for the amount allocated for mental health care services for people in privatised correctional centres in New South Wales, and include the recurrent figures?


Mr DAVID SHOEBRIDGE: So that is a separate figure for the privatised centres.

Mr WOODHAM: What the whole facility costs?

Mr DAVID SHOEBRIDGE: No. The amount allocated to mental health services.

Mr WOODHAM: Our main programs are not there.

Mr DAVID SHOEBRIDGE: Which is why I am asking can you give the amount allocated in those privatised centres, including by centre, so Parklea and Junee.


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